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This film consists of three hilarious parts. In the first one we see a great police detective entering a house to solve a crime and destroying everything and everyone inside it, the second part is a "high quality" melodrama and the third is a bucolic story taking place at a small village somewhere in Greece.

Directed by
Yorgos Apostolidis        
Yannis Smaragdis        
Yiannis Typaldos        
Writing credits
(in alphabetical order)
Yannis Kakoulidis        
Harry Klynn        

Cast (in credits order)
    Harry Klynn       
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Manos Destounis       
    Joly Garbi       
    Dimitris Piatas       
    Sassa Sofou       
    Nitsa Tsaganea       
    Giorgos Tzifos       
    Konstantinos Tzoumas       

Cinematography by
Aris Stavrou        


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